Sunday, 17 February 2013

February's Fashion Radar

This week's Fashion Radar fashionista is no less than the "super intern", nicknamed by MTV after, personally, my favourite episode of The Hills. Emily Weiss, ambitious, organised and intimidating scored an internship at Teen VOGUE in NYC after Polo Ralph Lauren's team arranged an interview between the "super intern" and the "super magazine"; "…The team at Polo Ralph Lauren, where I interned during high school … arranged for an interview with the editors." states Weiss.

Like Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of VOGUE, Miss Weiss has always had her hopes high about interning at the glamorous Teen VOGUE: "I knew that I wanted to intern at Teen VOGUE from the moment the first issue hit newsstands." affirms Emily firmly. Determination and perseverance seems to be the number one trait the VOGUE company looks for. It may be a common mistake to think that an internship at Teen Vogue is all glitz and glam, however, what did her internship involve? "At the New York office, I'm stationed in the Fashion News department. Because I'm the only intern in Fashion News, my responsibilities run the gamut. A typical day might include doing photo research on, calling in clothing samples, scouting teenagers for the Snapshot and Last Look sections, and, sometimes, writing a feature or styling my own shoot! The great thing about interning at Teen VOGUE is that there is so much room for growth, interns here do incredible things if they work hard enough and think outside the box."

Emily Weiss, clearly a very successful woman due to diverse reasons, shared a little bit of her intern-knowledge so, we, one day - hopefully - can be as successfully: "Interns here do incredible things if they work hard enough and think outside the box… If you're interested in a Teen VOGUE internship, take note: it's not all fun and games! Working at a magazine requires a ton of energy and endurance from its interns and editors alike. The ideal intern is committed, creative, organized, ambitious, independent, and able to crack a smile, whether meeting a celebrity or folding socks."

Teen Vogue's Golden Child surely does seem to have everything going for her, after scoring two dashing internships - the second one at Chanel - being on the first page of the Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006 of Teen Vogue's issue, and taking 18 credit classes at NYU(while majoring in Studio Art), we wonder what she's been up to lately.

She is the Founder and Creative Director of a stunning blog - - which features topics from beauty treatments all the way to reviews from chocolates and spas. In a recent interview, Weiss reveals that, due to her blog, she receives free products to test and review - ahhh. Emily Weiss surely is living the dream!  Unfortunately, not everything is all glitz and glam as stated before, "People send me so many things to try… I tried so many things over such a short period of time … that my skin completely freaked out. I woke up one morning and I looked like a burn victim. My face was all red and scaly and peeling."

Emily's style is impeccable, having previously worked at VOGUE, Teen VOGUE, W magazine, and Chanel, she acquired an advantage on the average fashionista - to say the least. The diva can rock styles from super glamorous girly outfits to a flawless yet distinguishing more 'menswear' outfits. Her capacity to pull off so many gorgeous outfits from edgy 'bad gal' to the safe LBD and LWD earns her to-die-for invites to various fashion shows. Her ability to focus on a certain colour or accessory astounds me. For instance, she can highlight a certain colour such as black by throwing over a clean white coat, or by using a distinct red lipstick in a more casual outfit. The fashion inspiration from young Emily comes from the classic eras such as the 40's and, not so surprisingly, her passion for fashion grew due to the movie Clueless: " I love old, old dresses — like those dresses from the twenties, thirties, and forties, and Victorian things …we moved to Connecticut when I was 10. I had just been allowed to see Clueless, … I showed up for orientation in these thigh-high stockings, high-heeled loafers, plaid skirt — it was like, the whole 5-7-9, Contempo Casuals thing. "

The "super intern's" schedule seems to be hectic and crazy, however, the blogger from Wilton always finds time to see her - more than proud - family and friends: “I pretty much only go vintage shopping in Connecticut, because it’s so cheap. Even though stores in NYC are well curated, they are so expensive. My friends and I all go vintage shopping and antiquing and drive around. The hunt is really fun.”

Thus, it is clear that Emily Weiss, our first ever Fashion Radar fashionista, deserve a "pat on the back" for all the hard-work she has put in not only at school and her career but also at becoming such an iconic statement woman in today's fashion world.

- L.D

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