Thursday, 24 January 2013

Blue with Envy

After spending a whole day at home talking to my mum and watching Sex and The City I was inspired to write about the reason why I spent my whole day inside this hot sticky place - Summer holidays. My mum, one of the main people who had one of the worst years ever (refer to my last post) decided to take some time off, dragging me to the most obnoxious place ever - the country side of Australia.

Being addicted to fashion and an anonymous shopaholic, sooner or later I would be forced to write about this season's latest trends. I am very fortunate to work at an amazing clothing store which allows me to have the inside scoop into the forever changing fashion industry.

As we all know, Summer is all about tanning during the day, partying all night and then to soothe that killer hangover we eat watermelons for breakfast. But on the other hand, for people like me who resort to fake tans (or always plans to but never do), who rather go to the pool than the beach and shop online instead of partying hard, we have Summer shopping.

Call me a hypocrite as I hate materialistic people and people who judge others however, we all do it. We all have that inner passion which allures us to spend all of our hard yet well earned weekly payments; for me, shopping is my drug. I must admit, I do judge others a lot however, I call it good judging. I analyse people, the way they talk, move and dress - telling me a little bit about their stories and even their inner thoughts. Everyone is different, but from what I have seen, girls who are too revealing are seeking attention from the boys who wear red Vans and a Lakers snapback trying to be cool and hipster - both groups, hopes to look hot for the opposite sex. We are all in a never ending battle trying to somehow fit in to society's standards. In the process of trying to fit in, we lose ourselves and our style accidentally yet abruptly.

I know I have gone a bit off track, but I promise, it will start making more sense. On Thursday as I had work I decided to wander around the shops I normally shop at, and I noticed something fascinating - blue, blue and lots of blue. Something never jumped at me like it did, it was like Blues Clues, minus the creepy presenter. I went home that night and looked online, on my fashion magazines and even at those annoying and endless late night TV ads, and I realised blue is the new black this season.

Unknowingly having purchased quite a few blue items of clothing this season, I was inspired to write about it. I digged up two of my favourite outfits and payed attention to every single detail about it.

My beautiful Peplum skirt.

I purchased this skirt at Dissh - a store exclusively available in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, Australia. It cost me AU$49,95 and I do believe it is available at their online store. Firstly, this gorgeous high waisted skirt has beautiful peplum (which it is very in this season), the patterns on it is very unique yet ravishing to look at. It has a common - yet graceful - silver zipper at the back, which would look gorgeous with a plain white top and a long silver necklace to finish the look (and if it is a bit chilly outside, maybe even a white cardigan). Its fabric is made out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester material. It amazes me how light the material is as it looks very heavy and uncomfortable. Personally, I do believe this skirt is very adequate for job interviews or even special dinner dates. This skirt is very agreeable with my body and every body type as the colour accentuates the good curves while hiding the bad ones. 

An unique peplum dress

As I previously stated, blue is in and so is peplum so why not combine both and make the perfect LBD - Little Blue Dress. I bought this exquisite dress at Valley Girl for AU$24,95 for a school dinner. Even though it is more appropriate for evening events, it can be dressed down with a black leather jacket - or dressed up if you add fishnet stockings, beautiful heels and a lovely necklace. This gorgeous LBD is made of Cotton and Polyester, and similar to my dazzling skirt, it is very light and comfortable to wear, highlighting all your beautiful curves - in which for me, unfortunately it is my ass and not so much my boobs. Dismally, my amazing dress does not look as amazing on the photo on the left as it is one those meh dresses which only look good on your body. However, needless must I say how much I love it and can't get enough of it. 

Unfortunately, this post was longer than I thought it would be, and I do hope some of you did stick around and read all of it. My passion for writing is just as strong as my love for fashion, thus the long endless post. However, for those who are reading this now, hopefully you will take note of my tips and perhaps do some serious shopping over the weekend for some beautiful blue items of clothing, because I promise those are hot right now - especially if you are going away these holidays. Although I have expressed my ideas on those two items, I am a strong believer in self style, and I ask of you, if you do not like dresses and high waisted skirts, please stay true to yourself, blue comes in a lot more things that aren't skirts and dresses.


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