Sunday, 24 February 2013

Budgeting? Do it right!

When I go shopping I must admit, sometimes I do get carried away and end up buying things that are either too expensive or things I will never use. Impulse buying is a flaw which I have and I do believe many others do have to deal with every time they go to the mall or supermarkets. Who ever bought a shirt or a pair of jeans which was a splurge and they literally couldn't buy anything until their next pay check? Guilty! So how to do fashion on a low budget - and do it right? 

1) Before you leave your house, set a limit in which you want to spend and stick to it! For instance, if you only want to spend $200, then it is recommended you only take 200 dollars with you. Also, something that personally I have noticed overtime is that: if I only take my debit cards with me I am least likely to spend money on unneeded things or ''splurge'' items, whereas if I take cash with me, my subconscious seems to think I have more money an therefore I always go over my budget.

2) Stay away from expensive stores - unless there is a sale! There is nothing worse than going into a store and realising everything is too expensive for you, or when you come out with a $190 shirt blowing your whole budget - especially if you wanted to buy more than an overpriced clothing item. Additionally, if there is a sale, make sure the price drop is appropriate, a $10 sale is not worthy of your time nor money.

3) Before leaving your house, have a brief idea of what you want to buy and for how much. Making a list of the items you intend in buying will help you not forget certain things and keep you on track of things. Also, if you have time you should always have a quick look online to have a rough idea of the current prices.
4) A personal tip for shoe shopping lovers: stores like Target and Kmart always have nice looking cheap shoes which doesn't look like it came from those department stores. If I am buying flats - or sometimes even heels - I never buy overly expensive flats, and I still get lots of compliments on my shoes (which are $7 dollar bargains).

5) Go shopping alone. Sometimes if you go shopping with a friend there is always a small pressure to buy a certain thing. If you go shopping by yourself or a friend which also wants to save some money then it will lower your chances of buying overpriced or unwanted garments.

6) Go for quality! Sometimes when you want to save money, you are so set on buying the cheapest thing you don't realise that the material simply looks too cheap, therefore your clothes will reflect on the price you paid for. If you see a pair of jeans for an extra $10-$20 which fits better and looks better then obviously go for it - those 10-20 dollars could ensure that the lifespan of those jeans also lasts longer.

7) Last but not least - thrift stores! Sometimes you can find a beautiful hardly ever worn top in there. Second hand stores are also great because of the price of course, and sometimes it ensures the uniqueness of the product. Also, another option instead of thrift shopping is outlet stores, which is basically new products which are minimally faulty or it's last season's stock and the price drop is huge!

Budget shopping can always be a challenge, specially if you are saving up for something or simply don't want to spend as much money, make sure to keep focused on your shopping goals and don't get too carried away with certain products. Good luck on your next shopping trip, and don't forget - keep us updated on how you go.



* Images used in this post aren't mine nor edited by me *


  1. Great post!! Love your tips and tricks! I hate budget shopping but unfortunately I am not as rich as Chiara Ferragni for example ;)

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