Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What to wear: On a first date

There is nothing more frightening than a first date, especially if you really like that special someone. You put on every single outfit over and over again until you can find something that is just right for you and your body-type. Unfortunately, sometimes we over-dress or under-dress and feel like a fish out of the water, while some other times what we wear is so uncomfortable that it just ruins the whole day, what to do then?
Me, being in a relationship for over 16 months, I've had millions of first dates in that period of time, a first date to the movies, first date to the beach, to a fancy restaurant or a fast-food restaurant and the list goes on and on. 

Whether you are going on a first date with a complete stranger, or your boyfriend, it is always nice to dress cute and appropriately and accordingly to what you like and what your body-type is like. You should always keep in mind to the place your date is taking you, and if you don't know where he is taking you, always dress nicer than what you think you should - it could save you! 

A lunch date:

If your date is taking you out for lunch, don't overdress, independent if he is taking you to the most expensive restaurant in your town or the cheapest. Always look clean with pastel milky colours. This way you will look serene and elegant. A LWD will never fail you, however, don't wear it too tight - tight clothes is more suitable for nighttime. Pair your LWD with flats and a cute statement bag, however, if your dress has some form of a signature touch to it, opt for a clean plain bag. 

A dinner/club date:

As stated before, tight clothes are more appropriate for nighttime - so abuse it! If your date is taking you out at night always opt for a Little Black Dress. Pair your LBD with a statement heels/flats, but, opt for comfortable heels if he is taking you out to a club or somewhere you know you have to walk and move a lot. A small purse which won't be a nuisance will always be the best fit for comfort, take minimal and most important items with you, this way you won't have to fiddle around when needing to show I.D, find your phone or your wallet. 

A movie date:

Opt for jeans if you are going to the movie theatre. A great pair of jeans can transform your outfit completely, it can go from plain casual to classy-casual and this way you won't only be cozy but adequate. A beret or a hair piece always look lovely with your outfit, it adds a form of elegancy to it. Like the lunch date tip, wear pastel colours, delicacy is a must to first dates. A cute lose fitting shirt will allow you to move around - and even to hook up in a more enjoyable way. 

Unknown date:

Mix plain bright colours with certain "plain" stamps. You can opt for heels or not, however, don't take a bag with you, if you have one of those phone cases where you can put all your cards and money in it prefer that, this way, if he decided to take you mountain walking, you won't have to fiddle with unwanted things. If it's a little breezy outside, also take a coat with you, that preferably matches your preferred bottoms. If you wear a skirt don't forget to wear tights with it if it is cold outside, but don't over do it with the tights, plain black or navy colours is the best fit.

First impressions always last, so try to dress adequately and I beg you: don't show too much skin, cleavage or ass. First dates are mainly to get to know the other person and maybe even form a more serious relationship with them, you don't want him to think of you as the ''slutty'' girl he did like but due to what you were wearing he gave up on you. Best of luck on your first date, and keep us updated if it all goes well.



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